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About VFA

 Vintage Food Amsterdam (VFA) is an Amsterdam based creative agency that takes a whole new turn on food waste. Food waste, or excess food production as VFA likes to call it, provided by Western culture. Food waste is a hot topic nowadays, there really is no way around it. However, the way people are dealing with it does not live up to what you could expect from modern society. Recycling and preserving both still have very stale images. Not to mention the hippie-esque connotations that rise when even mentioning on of the two. VFA is on a mission to change this image and prove that overstock materials are still very usable and can be transformed into beautiful and tasteful products. By designing food concepts supported by events for example diner parties or business lunches, VFA increases awareness regarding excess food production in a fun, modern and accessible way.

VFA & …

Excessive food production is concerning every single one of us. By creating awareness and engaging in many disciplines, VFA manages to reach out to a wide range of people. Up until now VFA has organized events in collaboration with a fashion brand and people from the film-industry.

About Pauline

VFA is founded by Pauline Lingg. A creative entrepreneur currently living in Amsterdam. Pauline has always had a broad interest in food, particularly in the relationship that people have with their food. Always on the lookout for trends, there was no way she would miss this one: the ongoing excessive food production. Pauline graduated with a project on this topic by presenting new and innovative ways to preserve your food. With this project being the stepping stone, Pauline started VFA and is now on a quest to find more innovative and creative ways to deal with overstock materials.

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